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We sell and lend breathing training equipment: altitude simulators – hypoxicators

Our equipment can help you to improve the effectiveness of athletic training and complement prevention and treatment programs in many diseases and conditions


Everest ANT 01E

Export option. Hypoxicator with feedback and automatic control.

Weight 21 kg.
Size 40 х 20 х 50 cm.

Hypoxic training is based on decades of fundamental biomedical research

We have practical experience over 30 years. We offer:

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Сonsulting programs on theory and practice of using the technolgoy of the Intermittent Hypoxic - Hyperoxic Training (IHHT).

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Application of the intermittent hypoxic training in mitochondrial and integrative medicine
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Hypoxic Training in the Treatment of Lyme-Borreliosis 

How does hypoxic training improve health?

A controlled breathing with hypoxic air induce mitochondrial adaptations that stimulate the improvement of oxygen metabolism, accelerate recovery and regeneration of cells and tissues. As a result:

  • The number of red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues, increases.
  • The tissue capillarisation increases, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs improves.
  • Hypoxic training improves production of hormones that help increase muscle mass and reduce body fat.
  • The functioning of immune system is improved, which protects the body from viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, as well as from malignant tumors.
  • The body’s resistance to stress and extreme factors: radiation, intoxication, high and low temperatures, physical and psychological overload, increases too.

Hypoxic training increase the body’s resistance to many extreme factors of the environment, as well as helps preventing disease, accelerating recovery and slowing aging


In sports Improvement of results  Prevention of chronic trauma, acceleration of healing and recovery Preparing for the competition
For better health Slowing down aging tempo Weight reduction Increasing stress resistance
Sleep improvement Increasing mental performance and creativity Improving the elasticity of blood vessels, cosmetic results, radiant skin effects
For preventive, curative and rehabilitative medicine Bronchial and pulmonary diseases Cardio-vascular diseases Neurology and psychiatry, burnout syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome
Metabolic diseases Metabolic syndrome, Type-2 diabetes Complementary treatment in cancer

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Our company is a developer and distributor of various types of hypoxic equipment. Our specialists have over 30 years of experience in this field. We work with highly qualified professionals in the field of physiology, medicine, gerontology, sports and other areas where the use of hypoxic training is justified by scientific research.

We train physicians, physiotherapists, and other medical and sports professionals in the professional application of hypoxic training methods. We advise and train individuals on how to effectively use our equipment.



What is hypoxic training, who needs it and why?

It is well known that elite athletes prepare for competition by training at 1500 - 2500 meters above sea level. Why is this useful?

At altitude, atmospheric pressure is reduced, so the inhaled air contains less oxygen. Over time, the human body adapts to this, and can function with less oxygen. It increases the number of red blood cells, improves oxygen transport and metabolism, improves the quality of mitochondria that produce energy by oxidizing nutrients.

But what if, at sea level, we simply reduce the amount of oxygen in the air we breathe?

Is it then necessary to train in the mountains?
Of course not!

This is the essence of normobaric hypoxic training. It is carried out at normal atmospheric pressure, but the person breathes specially prepared, low-oxygen, hypoxic air.

The Nobel Prize in medicine was given in 2019 for research on the fundamental mechanisms of hypoxia. We have practically used hypoxic training with great success since the early 1990s!

Previously, this was done using bulky and complex hypobaric chambers. Nowadays, small-sized devices, called altitude simulators - hypoxicators that automatically supply the controlled oxygen concentrations for breathing have been created. At the same time, to obtain beneficial effects, it is enough to use the device every day or every other day, just from half an hour to an hour!
Moreover, 10-15 sessions on our equipment replace about a month in the mountains!

Hypoxic training increases physical and mental performance, energy, resistance to injury and disease, including viral infections, even in highly trained athletes.
Our goal is to make this method available for all people.
We transfer all the unique beneficial effects and benefits of hypoxic training from hard-to-reach mountain heights to the familiar comfort of your home!

What are the mitochondria?

The adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecule serves as a universal carrier of energy, the “energy currency” for all living things. It is produced in abundance by intracellular "power plants" - microscopic MITOCHONDRIA, which oxidize food substances.

There are many thousands of mitochondria at work in almost every cell in your body. Working nonstop, the mitochondria of a man weighing about 75 kg. produce approximately the same amount of ATP by weight per day. Mitochondria produce up to 98% of all the energy we need and they are required for all vital processes.

Mitochondria biologically oxidize, “burn fuel”: carbohydrates and fats, just like electric generators or car engines burn gasoline and diesel fuel. Both the motors and the mitochondria of our cells wear out over time, reducing the output of usable energy, increasing fuel consumption and the release of toxic, under-oxidized products, the so-called free radicals.

Today, it has been proven that mitochondrial wear and tear, leading to damaging oxidative stress. This condition causes the decrease in physical and mental performance, is the main cause of fatigue, as well as it underlies chronic diseases, typical “diseases of civilization” and age-related degenerative diseases.

For athletes it is especially important to have healthy mitochondria intact, undamaged by oxidative stress. But exactly the extreme physical and psycho-emotional loads in combination with various harmful factors (deficiency of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, lack of sleep, intoxication, etc. ...) that wear out mitochondria faster.

Hypoxic training promotes and accelerates recovery, regeneration of mitochondria, resetting their structure and functions to a "younger" state. The correct application of the method allows to precisely eliminate damaged, mutated mitochondria in the cells of vital organs: brain, heart, kidneys, endocrine glands, muscles, etc. and then stimulate the reproduction of healthy, biologically “younger” mitochondria.

As a result, there is an increase in physical and mental performance and endurance, an increase in the general level of energy, causing signs of aging recede and the burden of chronic diseases is alleviated. In addition, the patient's need for medication is reduced, which means that their unwanted side effects are minimized.

When can you see the results?

Many people feel the beneficial effects of hypoxic training just after the first session. After several sessions headaches disappear, anxiety and depression go away, mood rises. In type-2 diabetics, blood glucose levels drop significantly.
The initial cycle of mitochondrial "repair" in healthy people takes from two to four weeks, in athletes - less than one week. Further, the periodic application of the method allows you to constantly and without great effort maintain the mitochondria at optimal functional state. A cycle of 20 daily procedures is recommended for athletes or every other day for non-athletic people. The hypoxic treatment protocol must be individualized.

How do athletes use this method?

Depending on the schedule of preparation for the competition, the training load of athletes must be varied, optimized, adjusting the maximum performance for the competition season. The hypoxic load, which is precisely addressed to different physiological systems of the athlete's body, can be applied in different phases of the training cycle. Also the individualized metabolic and vitamin support, precisely synchronized with the rhythmic cycle of training and recovery is required. Our program allows one to individualize, very accurately dose and potentiate the training load, accelerate body recovery and tissue regeneration after injuries, and significantly reduce sports injuries.

How safe and efficient is the hypoxic training?

The safety of hypoxic training has been proven by decades of practical use in medicine and sports, as well as at home settings. Its effectiveness depends on strict adherence to the individual protocol and the implementation of instructions, especially at the beginning of method practicing. Hypoxic training is contraindicated in any acute illness, and during exacerbation or decompensation of a chronic diseases. Indications and contraindications are determined by a specialist.

Where and how can one get individual advice on the application of the method?

By purchasing a hypoxic machine, the client receives free introductory instructions on how to work with it. In addition, you can order our individual consultation, or personal coaching via the Internet.

How much it costs?

For home use, you need to purchase a hypoxicator. Depending on the model, the price can vary from 8k to 17k (thousand) euros.

Why can you trust us?

We ourselves have been successfully using the method for maintaining our own health for more than 30 years. Our specialists were directly involved in its development and improvement. Hypoxic training is widely used in the training of special contingents (working in the Polar regions, in military, divers, pilots, astronauts, etc.). We have adapted the method for the elderly, bringing its application to perfection over the years of working both, with sick and with healthy people. The method works reliably for everyone - from the winning elite athletes to the disabled, bedridden patients. The age range of our grateful clients spans from 2 to 90-plus years.

Why haven't you heard anything about this method before?

Despite the fact that the method has existed since the early 1970s and has been used in many clinics, sanatoriums, as well as for the training of athletes and special contingents, to this day it remains insufficiently unknown and inaccessible precisely for those who can benefit the most. This is largely due to outdated, unreliable, and user-inconvenient equipment. In addition, even in the classical version of the application, the method is used only by about 50% of its power.
But everything has improved with the development of technology. Today we offer very reliable and convenient equipment, ideal not only for specialists and doctors, but also for use at home, including for the whole family. Our technology allows you to immediately evaluate and transmit the results of your training sessions via the Internet to your coach or support specialist.

Can the method be applied in cosmetology?

Yes, the cosmetic effects of hypoxic training are pronounced even in middle-aged and elderly people. It is important that this is a manifestation of stimulation of the activity of the most important cellular regenerative processes, and not just superficial appearance. Hypoxic training goes well with almost all cosmetic procedures.

Are consumables required?

In the kit with the device, the customer receives  3 breathing masks, each of which will last more than a year with proper care. You can always order new masks from us. The only consumable resource is the electricity from the socket.

Equipment warranty, repair

The warranty period of the device is three years, or 1500 hours of compressor operation. After replacement of the compressor and device maintenance, the unit can still operate for many years, depending on the daily load. Maintenance and repairs currently are carried out in Mallorca (Spain) and in Moscow.


Transportation of the device is possible by all types of transport, taking into account the need to protect against strong shocks.

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